Lupita L Monroy // Retired Language Professor // Sep 6, 2019

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I have had faith in Paul Anselmo since meeting him by phone because of his humble and clear way of communicating. He is swift and decisive in his manner of problem-solving. The best qualities that Paul has are his reliability and his broad knowledge base. He answers every call at almost any hour and that helped me develop a lot of confidence and trust in him. Paul is also detail-oriented and thorough which made my duties as the Seller seem easy to handle. This process of Selling my Redwood City home was painless and worry-free. I hope you give Paul a chance for all of your Real Estate needs.

David Hoff // Investor & Property Manager // Published Aug 29, 2018

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Paul Anselmo was the Realtor for the sale of our town home in Los Altos.
He did an excellent job in preparing our home for sale and in completing the sale.

We did a complete remodel of the whole home, including all new kitchen, bathrooms and all new flooring, among other things. Paul managed the whole project including finding and supervising the contractor. Paul managed the project from start to finish.

There had also been a roof leak and Paul worked with the roofer and the other parties to get everything fixed, including the ceiling Sheetrock that had to be removed and replaced.

Another important thing is that Paul was diligent to keep costs under control. He carefully reviewed all of the invoices at the project completion and found many duplicate invoices, saving thousands of dollars.

He has a very good sense of taste in choosing styles that will be most appealing for sale while still being reasonable in price. He knows where to spend more and where to save. Paul was also very proactive. We needed about 10 new appliances and he went down to a competitively-priced appliance store and selected all of them. He made excellent choices.

In my experience, it is a rare Realtor that do the kind of remodeling project that Paul did on our home. Paul did the work very professionally. After the remodel was complete, Paul did an excellent job preparing the home for showing & sale including the staging. The sale was very successfully executed.

Sanjay Mehta // Property seller // Published Aug 27, 2018

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Honesty, integrity, patience, great communication, hardworking, above and beyond. All words to describe Paul our listing agent for our property in Los Altos. We had negative experiences with agents on other transactions in the past. What a world of difference working with Paul. We had a tenant move out after almost 20 years and the property needed major renovation to get it ready for sale. Paul was up to the task using his depth of knowledge on remodels, knowing what design would work best in the the current market and location, and then proceeding to coordinate with different contractors to get the job done. Start to finish, we were in very good hands throughout the entire process.

Eyal Grunderstein // Home Buyer // Published Mar 2, 2018

Paul was instrumental in helping us through the process of purchasing our first home.
He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and accessible. It's clear he has a great grasp of the real estate market as well as the local Sunnyvale area.

I also appreciated his deep level of expertise in remodeling suggestions and vision for sprucing up a place
I would work with Paul again.

Horst Raisch Retired // Home Seller // Published Mar 16, 2017

I had known Paul's dad for over 20 years, living just down the street from my wife, my kids and I, but had never met Paul himself. One night during the Christmas holidays, I talked to his dad and mentioned that I just bought a new house and will have to sell the one here. That's when he mentioned that his son, Paul, was a real estate agent/broker. The rest is history... Nice, successful history! Without paperwork initially, Paul kept in contact and when I was finally ready to sell, he mentioned that the time was good for an "AS-IS" sale. He then brought me three interested parties and the third one made an offer. I was still hesitant to sign anything but Paul, in his very calm manner, explained on how things work in real estate these days...
There were some challenges on the buyer's side which Paul dealt with aplomp. No muss, no fuss. I was already so stressed out having to leave our home of 25 years, and Paul was the "guiding beacon" even though I yelled at him a couple of times along the way. He even negotiated with the buyer a counteroffer that made little sense but Paul stood his ground without even "bothering" me and saving me quite a bit of money since I would have probably accepted anything at that stage...
Needless to say, the deal went off without a hitch and he even helped getting me boxes and helped shred a bunch of stuff for me.
Paul is a class act as a professional and as a human being, hard to find these days. He's very experienced in his field, has many and the right contacts, and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to sell a home. There's simply not a better agent/broker out there, I'm convinced!!! And I had spoken to a few before meeting Paul and I simply got lucky choosing Paul, judging from those early experiences.
I wish him all the best in his career and I'm convinced he will do very well.
Best Regards Horst.

Donna Luchetti // Realtor // Published Oct 27, 2016

I have had the pleasure to work with Paul Anselmo on hundreds of Real Estate transactions through out the years. His attention to detail and perfection is unmatched by anyone I have ever worked with. He is totally dedicated to seeing each aspect of a transaction managed properly. He worked tirelessly to insure that our transactions went seamlessly.
Paul has expert knowledge in all aspects of Real Estate; I have seen him flawlessly flow through the most complex Real Estate transactions. Not only is he professional he is highly organized, trustworthy and honest.
Finding someone who works as hard or with as much professional pride as Paul is rare. It is my absolute pleasure to highly recommend Paul Anselmo. Call Paul, talk to him and meet an outstanding person!

Mary Stacy // Realtor / Investor / Property Manager // Published Sep 4, 2016

To Whom it may concern,

My experience with Paul Anselmo has been excellent. If you are looking for a Broker Associate that is detailed, follows up, knows the Market, answers the phone, returns your call within 24 hours or less, caring, gives you Market Updates, and will get the job done you have found one of the best!
Also, Paul can give you advise on increasing your value by reviewing some possible repairs or minor touch ups on your property that will help you sell it faster or make more profit on a higher selling price. As a Buyer he can let you know future expenses or possible costs in the near future or future regarding needed repairs or other.
Knowledge is Power and Paul has the knowledge!


Mary Stacy